grant or loan?

Grant is Good, Loan is Better; Loan is Better, Grant is Best

Grant is good, loan is better Grant is a money that is given to a person or business to pursue a cause whereby the money is not required to be paid back. Yes! it can be referred to as free money. However, it attracts a lot of applications. The reason for this is pretty simple: […]


Funding Opportunities For Nigeria Businesses This May

There is a constant quest for funding opportunities for Nigeria businesses. This May, I wish to bring to your knowledge 3 more opportunities. In the past, I have introduced Grofin. They help entrepreneurs and business owners at the bottom of the SME pyramid to access tailored finance and experienced business support. If your business does not […]

Time is right now

Right Time is Right Now

No more financial limitation Are you still contemplating on when to start working on that your idea? Right now is the right time. On Thursday 20th October 2016, the Central Bank of Nigeria disburbed 930 million naira to over 300 applicants of the first round of the Youth Entrepreneural Development Program. The least each applicant […]

NYSC Empowerment

A Youth Corper can raise money for business If you are a corper, you can raise up to 5 million from different NYSC empowerment schemes available in Nigeria to pursue your business idea and become employer of labour. These schemes can be grants or loans. Grants can be referred to as free money where you […]

Grofin SME Finance

GroFin – SME Finance / Business Loans

Do you know about Grofin? You can raise between $100,000 to $1,500,000 for your business or business idea from them. Meanwhile, if you require assistance with your application or your business plan, contact Kadelex for a free consultation session. Visit or send us a mail at About Grofin GroFin is a pioneering small […]