Building a business is not rocket science

Features of a great business idea

Thinking is an organ of perception, it percieves ideas

Rudolf Steiner in Goethean Science (1883) in his attempt to explain “an Idea” declares, “Thinking … is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Just as the eye perceives colors and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas.” In other words, every human has ideas. A business idea on the other hand is such that can be used for financial gain and typically centered around offfering a service or product for money.

Harvey S. Firestone once said “Capital isn’t that important in business. Experience isn’t that important. You can get both of these things. What is important is ideas”. He went on at another time to say “If you have ideas, you have the main asset you need, and there isn’t any limit to what you can do with your business and your life. Ideas are any man’s greatest asset” Do you agree with Harvey? I totally do. Indeed, what can differentiate greatness can simply be the ability to think of great ideas.

Distinction between an Idea and a Business Idea

“I can rear goats” is a good idea but not a business idea. However, “I can rear goats and sell to families during christmas” is a business idea

In summary, a business idea must have two major elements. These are

  1. An Idea about what you can do,
  2. An idea about how you will make money from doing it

A business idea is great if a person has properly figured out the two elements above

Features of a great business idea

  1. It is the solution to a need
  2. The idea should be feasible and achievable
  3. It is unique in the solution or the business model or both
  4. Great ideas are simple
  5. There is a market for it
  6. It has high growth potential
  7. And lastly and most important to me, the possibilities must excite the conciever triggering the zeal and drive to achieve.

I have a great business idea, what next?

Indeed, an idea is a concept. However you can bring it to life and only then will people celebrate you. Once you concieve one, please do write it down.

In the next post, we will look at this topic in more details. In the meantime, tell somebody of that business idea you are excited about

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