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Web Business Development Training – Key Lessons to be learnt


A web business makes money from using a website or mobile application to get things done. Web business development is the process of building and operating one.. For example, Facebook makes money with a website and mobile app that helpps connect people. Jumia on the other hand makes money by selling products to people through their website www.jumia.com.ng. Linda Ikeji publishes news and information on her blog and earns from adverts. Examples of web other web businesses home and abroad include freelancer, linkedin, vconnect, dealdey, konga, nairaland, hotels.ng etc.

In todays world, as with any other business, there are various skills needed to build a successful business. Some of these skills are described below. The web business development training encompasses all these skills in proporions relevant for an entrepreneur o be vast and knowledgeable in all areas so that he can comfortably relate with key professionals on the team and in other situations, even handle tasks on his own.

Some Relevant Skills in Web Business Development

  1. Web development: This involves processes of web/app design and programming and it is a skill associated with programmers.
  2. Digital marketing: This is the process of marketing your product/service/platform on the internet usually through search engine optimization SEO, search engine marketing SEM, email, social media and affiliate links. It also involves use of various analytics tool to evaluate performance and validate strategies.
  3. Business planning: This involves processes of creating a comprehensive business plan/proposal/pitch desk for your business. Market plan, finacial analysis, personnel plan, business model analysis are some key components of a comprehensive business plan.
  4. Entrepreneural management: This skill relates to management tools such as efffective communication, leadership, motivation, planning and evaluation, and so on relevant in business operations

By participating in the Kadelex web business development training, a person will learn all the relevant skills. He/She will also be developing his or her own web business during the training process. Thus whatever is learnt is being implemented with adequate support.  Below are highlighted some key lessons

10 Key Lessons to be learnt

  1. Participants learn the rudiments of the sector and key players
  2. They learn to structure web business idea based on the need it seeks to fulfill and how it will generate revenue
  3. They learn to convert ideas to business plans and action plans
  4. They learn how to assemble a team i.e when to engage who and personnel management
  5. They gain the technical knowhow on processes of product development (web/app)
  6. They are exposed to implementing and managing business operations and marketing (digital marketing inclusive)
  7. They learn customer acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue models such as AARRR among other analytics tools
  8. They are informed of legal concerns in web business sector
  9. They are exposed to funding apportunities and how to successfully apply
  10. They understand the concepts of scaling and pivoting as regards web business development

To register for the training, visit epsolutions.com.ng



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