Solution Components

The EP-Solutions Edu Mandate is a robust school management solution which can also be deployed by examination bodies. This solution comprises the following components

Staff management
  • Attendance
  • Identity Validation
  • Access control
Assignment management
  • Assign
  • Accept or decline assignment
  • Monitor
  • Report
Exam management
  • Staff assignment
  • Center demarcation
  • Identity validation/accreditation
  • Script matching
  • Sanction & Reports
  • Compile scripts
Communication and   information management
  • Staff profile
  • Messaging
  • Newsfeeds
  • Resources

Issues Addressed

The solution addresses the listed  issues and more. It is also typically adapted to your enterprise model making sure it is custom made for your enterprise.

  • Ghost and fake staffs
  • Reliable and secure identity cards
  • Real-time access to activities of staffs
  • Ease of other technology integration
  • 3 phase attendance (accreditation, script matching and script compilation)
  • Assign and monitor Adhoc staffs coordinating exams to enhance efficiency
  • Script matching prevents switching of scripts during and after exams and improve result integrity
  • Real-time access to all activities
  • Staff to Adhoc staff assignment
  • Staff to staff assignment
  • Department to staff assignment
  • Office to staff assignment
  • Headquarters to staff assignment
  • Gives staffs a sense of community
  • Gives real time access to information and developments
  • Gives access to organisation related resources
  • Sanctions gives a reliable database of exam malpractices and also makes sure that sanctions imposed in the exam hall are implemented