Project Details

  • Guyman is a solution to the means, cost and effectiveness of value exchange in Nigeria
  • Guyman is a data collection platform. The sign up process and platform usage will carter to effective collection.
  • Guyman is a data utilization platform. Collected data will be used to match members/users of the platform on real-time basis for both service delivery and promotion purposes.
  • Guyman is a data publishing platform. Comprehensive and seasoned reports will be published from time to time. Users can also source data through posting surveys or requesting from Guyman admin. In addition, site is furnished with analytics.
  • Guyman is both an online and an offline platform and caters to both trade ( i.e. buying and selling) and services

Guyman is an online and offline platform that makes the means of value exchange easier, faster, seamless, flexible, more effective and cheap. enables value seekers to post their needs and instantly get linked to ready, willing and able value providers. Value providers also promote their products and services. In addition, users are able to earn through various means on the platform.

Ultimately, Guyman is not tipped for greatness on the basis of the product/service, but rather on the ability to aggressively collect data and optimally utilize it while providing an experience of effectiveness, flexibility and modest pricing for users. Others are looking for users, we are looking for data.


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