Health mandate is a robust health management application that connects all the health  sector stakeholders in such a strategic way that it empowers them all to perform their obligations while making management as easy and record keeping and access as effortless as can be imagined.

The solution leverages the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Some of the problems solved by this solution are

By the deploying this NFC solution, we shall address the following issues:

    • Fake doctors eradication
    • Error in diagnosis/prescription
    • Records harmonization
    • Unbundling bureaucracy in health administration
    • Emergency treatment administration
    • Valid means of identification for patients
    • Health insurance integration
    • Workers activity/inactivity/Ghost workers
    • Due Vaccination
    • Due appointment reminder
    • Flexibility in switching Doctors
    • Database for education, research and statistics
    • Promotes Doctor recommendation as an incentive for Mastery and diligence