Time is right now

Right Time is Right Now

No more financial limitation

Are you still contemplating on when to start working on that your idea? Right now is the right time. On Thursday 20th October 2016, the Central Bank of Nigeria disburbed 930 million naira to over 300 applicants of the first round of the Youth Entrepreneural Development Program. The least each applicant got was 3million. Do you know anyone…? I personally know a couple of them. The second round is open now. Infact more banks are joining. Follow links below to apply with your idea




While the heritage bank and sterling bank are under the CBN YEDP, the bigportal is an initiative of the World Bank in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.

Apply with your idea now, get empowered

I must say that the application process is very straight forward. General questions, nothing overwhelming. Although it has a way of testing if your idea is well thought through and if you have a development (business) plan for it. Therefore, keep it simple, go straight to the point. Also and very importantly, communicate your response in as few words as possible. If you require help, check out www.epsolutions.com.ng/contact-us to get in touch. Furthermore, should you require more funding options, you can check out the 2 options listed below

Grofin.com (SME finance up to $1.5million)

Kimaventures.com (Internet business finance up to $200,000)

Best of luck

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